CASE STUDY: Drafting and 3D Cutting Plans for Iron Ore Induration Machines

BCI has teams of talented draftsmen in Vietnam and China who are able to take conceptual work, either hand-drawn or in 2D PDF files, and convert them to detailed 3D renderings, and even item-by-item component drawings for shop floor cutting, build-up or assembly plans.

Torque Tube and Dust Pan: A Highly Geometrical Item

A major mining customer supplied BCI with 2D PDF drawings, which the customer’s own building teams had trouble working with.

BCI’s drafting team turned those PDFs into 3D renderings:


A 3D renderings allow designers and builders alike to see if there are any computational errors in the original drawings, and to see the items in a ‘real world’ way.

With a 3D rendering, BCI’s drafting team was then able to break down these drawings into cutting plans—which is turning each individual piece of steel into a drawing of its own so that it can be uploaded into a CNC cutting machine for the shaping of sheet steel.

With these renderings, BCI was able to fabricate quickly and accurately.