CASE STUDY: Global Sourcing of Iron Ore Induration Machines


A Global Network in Action

In 2007 BCI Engineering took on the manufacture and installation of 6 major iron ore induration machines. These were built and erected over the course of years across India, North Africa and North America on behalf of a major mining-related original equipment engineering firm.

The project involved:

  • Castings and forgings, and component assemblies sourced globally
  • Structural fabrications
  • Mechanical fabrications
  • Trial erection in BCI’s Malaysia fab yard
  • Global logistics
  • Field installation support

The project entailed a systemized global approach that drew on resources in 5 countries.

Drafting and 3D Rendering Services: Vietnam

The customer supplied 2D PDF drawings which BCI’s drafting team in Vietnam converted to AutoCAD shop drawings and 3D renderings for pre-fabrication modelling.


Castings, Forgings, Machining and Assembly of Pellet Cars: China

China is the world’s most competitive producer of steel castings. BCI used a combination of Chinese state-owned foundries as well as small private foundries for castings, and then machined and assembled everything at a BCI-managed facility in East China.


Mechanical Fab Components: Korea, Malaysia and the USA

12-meter forged shafts were procured from a Korean shipyard; the hub castings were made in Malaysia, the cast bronze bearings shipped from the USA, precision machining of sprocket teeth occurred in Malaysia, and the fabrication of wheels took place at BCI Mechanical Fabrications Malaysia—a BCI facility.


Structural Fabrications: Malaysia

BCI’s in-house team of cutters, welders and fitters fabricated a number of large packages that supported major parts of the induration machine.


Final Trial Assembly in BCI’s Fab Shop: Malaysia

BCI conducted complete trial assemblies in our Malaysian shop to ensure proper form and fit, and then disassembled for shipment.

Packaging and Shipping Logistics: Malaysia to the World

As the final step, BCI packaged each individual part and arranged bulk shipping to India, North Africa and North America directly to our customers.