CASE STUDY: Supply Chain Services for Rotary Car Dumpers

BCI Engineering is well-versed in bulk material handling projects. Between 2010 and 2012, BCI took on the manufacture and installation of three rotary rail car dumpers, two single dumpers and one tandem dumper, all for the Latin America market.

The project involved:

  • Structural fabrications
  • Mechanical fabrications
  • Trial erection in BCI’s Mexico fab yard
  • Close tolerance mechanical requirements
  • Global logistics

Project Fabrications

The large 50′ dumper had multiple steel components all fabricated by BCI in Mexico.

  1. End Rings: 10’ in diameter utilized a cast segmented gear rack as the power transmission apparatus. BCI employed welding techniques in accordance with AWS D1.1 requirements and all fabrication and welding was performed with dimensional tolerances of ±1/8″, including flatness of the end rings as surveyed across 24 points taken in the horizontal position.

Other large fabrications

  1. Front Girders
  2. Rear Girders
  3. Platen
  4. Blocking
  5. Counterweight Tube
  6. Miscellaneous Parts

Several of the substructures and components were stress relieved after all welding was completed. The dumper was then painted with a zinc rich epoxy coating. All seams and joints were visually inspected and critical welds were verified by non destructive testing.

Drafting and 3D Rendering Services: Vietnam

The customer supplied 2D PDF drawings which BCI’s drafting team in Vietnam converted to AutoCAD shop drawings and 3D renderings for pre-fabrication modelling.

Project Management

A single project, from design to delivery,  was completed in under five months. BCI understands customers encounter urgent situations and we do our best to meet tight timelines on custom projects.