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Industrial Incubation & Venture Capital

BCI Group Investments is a vital partner involved in funding industrial start-up companies and/or new industrial product lines, where we compliment cash funding with assistance in engineering and supply chain management. Please learn more about their work here:  BCI-TI.com

BCI is always on the lookout for innovative new products or high growth start-up companies; entities with great ideas and talented management teams looking for Industrial Incubation and/or Venture Capital investment.

BCI is an enthusiastic investor in the industrial space, with interest in cleantech, renewable energy, and products relating to the environmental sciences.

A common theme among companies BCI has funded and supported are those with strong product design and market interest, but lacking commercial scale.

We have a particular interest in GreenTech and EarthTech projects, where we are dedicated to bringing great new products to life, and adding significant value to companies by building them a resilient supply chain.


Cash-flow support
Cash for equity investment
Cost-out and manufacturability engineering
Sourcing plans
Funding tooling, prototyping, and testing
Exchanging engineering support, tooling, facilities and supply chain development for equity


Projects funded and supported to date include:

  • Solar racking and tracking technology
  • Flow Batteries for grid storage
  • Lightning Protection Systems for Wind Turbines
  • Smart Greenhouses and Hydroponic/Aquaponic Systems
  • Incubation and Accelerator Funding of new product lines