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In addition to our extensive expertise in the sourcing and manufacturing of engineering materials, BCI maintains a highly skilled and professional international network of project and logistic managers, customs, and trade law experts. These experts are focused on helping clients find the best prices of materials worldwide and ensure that the supply chain or process is free of international trade action. BCI’s global reach, turn-key manufacturing, and supply chain services allow solar companies to focus on what they do best and bring the world better and more innovative products. 

We offer transparent and straightforward operations from product management, packaging, shipping, to import/export formalities, warehousing, and storage.

BCI's supply chain management experts have in-depth knowledge of the state of the industry and its operations and will incorporate this knowledge into all buying and supply processes. This way, we are able to ensure that our clients receive the best in terms of engineering materials and all at a cost effective rate. We act as the trusted intermediary between our clients and the manufacturers. For all of BCI’s customers, we are the supply chain, offering global supply services from a single contact point in your home city, and in an open and transparent manner.

BCI’s Supply Chain Management Team can help you find the best prices wherever in the world they may be, handling all details related to making your supply chain work–from logistics to managing international trade tariffs.

Our Vision & Values

It is BCI's mission to empower our Customers to grow and flourish beyond every expectation. We create value through ingenuity, effort, and integrity and do so in a way that makes our partners better people and leaves the world a better place.

Customer Commitment

We provide optimum value to our clients worldwide and ensure that they are always kept up to date when it comes to industry trends and helpful information.


BCI-Solutions Logistics


BCI helps coordinate logistics, making sure your product gets from point A to point B in record time while minimizing unused capacity. We support our customers with all logistical needs, moving freight with tight timelines and tight schedules.
BCI-Solutions Quality Control

Quality Control

BCI’s experienced QC specialists are able to work with any project to ensure the production of quality products using Six Sigma and SPC methodologies. For long-term projects, our QC specialists develop tailored standard QC procedures to be adopted by all workers on the production line.
BCI-Solutions Demand Planning

Demand Planning

Our customers provide us with a high-level demand forecast, and we prepare the manufacturing operations accordingly. We cue up the suppliers, the material purchased, and allocate manufacturing capacity to meet project schedule requirements for each and every purchase order. We help consolidate customer demand forecasts and plan our production to meet schedule requirements.



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Global Trade Compliance

Navigating Regulatory & Economic Trade Compliance

We keep our ear to the ground on all ongoing regulatory and trade issues including political shifts and changes in economic trade policies. We have people on staff constantly reviewing the most cost-effective ways of doing business in an international context. We constantly review HTS codes and determine the most advantageous ones to use to optimize profit. We provide oversight and guidance on regulatory and trade issues. We are well versed in managing the complexities of international import and export processes.