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Value Engineering, Design, & Prototyping

We serve the global OEM market by bringing our industry expertise to your manufacturing supply chain. Our team is experienced in solving the complex design-to-manufacturing challenges heavy industries face and will contribute to creating the most effective parts supply solution for your project.

Value Engineering PrototypingBCI has a team of experienced mechanical and industrial engineers based in North America, Asia, and Australia along with drafting and 3D rendering support out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Our versatile teams will provide innovative solutions to quickly bring your product to full production. We offer a full range of engineering support services to promote your success at all stages, from concept to final drawings.

We integrate Design for Manufacturability (DFM) throughout the process to facilitate production, reduce costs, and eliminate delays.

We will work diligently as your partner to define your requirements and make your product a reality.

Services include:

    • Collaboration
    • Conceptual work, either hand-drawn or in 2D PDF files, converted to detailed 3D renderings and even item-by-item component drawings for shop floor
    • 2 Dimensional Drawings
    • Isometric Drawings
    • Cutting, build-up or assembly plans.
    • 3D Assembly Modeling
    • Product Analysis - Existing product improvements
    • Re-engineer systems to fit new applications
    • Prototype development
    • Product testing
    • Rapid prototyping to provide parts quickly and cost-effectively
    • Forming and fabrication processes

Value Engineering

BCI utilizes value engineering to identify and remove unnecessary expenditures while improving operating and manufacturing efficiency; simultaneously increasing the value for the product manufacturer and end user.

Our engineers and product designers collaborate with your engineers to find ways of maintaining or enhancing results while reducing life-cycle costs. We promote, manufacture, and supply the materials and methods to arrive at optimal alternatives, without sacrificing functionality. We are here to add value and assist you with all your needs.

Our Vision & Values

It is BCI's mission to empower our Customers to grow and flourish beyond every expectation. We create value through ingenuity, effort, and integrity and do so in a way that makes our partners better people and leaves the world a better place.


Engineering & Design Team

BCI engineers work closely with clients to design new systems, or to re-engineer systems to fit new applications. We get involved with our customers at the earliest stages of the design and development process, supporting, and bringing your designs from the drawing board, through the prototype stage, through testing, and eventually into production.



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