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A global leader in mechanical steel, design, engineering, and manufacturing

BCI offers end-to-end engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions to the light and heavy industrial sectors. BCI delivers quality, precision, cost competitiveness and adds value to customers by removing supply chain risk, especially in offshore manufacturing regions.

Solutions for renewable energy

Solutions for heavy industries

Who We Are

About BCI

BCI is a contract manufacturer and supply chain management company with offices in more than 10 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. BCI has a proven track record of helping its clients and partners win business and manage streamlined supply chains that focus on the perfect mixture of quality control and cost reduction.

Providing Value

Since 2006


Renewable Energy Solutions

BCI Engineering provides total solutions for the renewable energies industry from parts fabrication to supply chain management.


Custom Fabrication & Contract Manufacturing

BCI's access to steel inventory and ability to manufacture large fabricated parts, machined parts, and subassemblies, has allowed us to offer OEMs integrated metal fabrication and manufacturing services for steel as well as partner with customers in industries such as solar, energy storage, and heavy machinery for various industries.


Supply Chain Management

BCI maintains a highly skilled and professional international network of project and logistic managers and customs and trade law experts to provide oversight and management of your complete supply chain.

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Industrial Engineering, Design, & Prototyping

Whether it is a completely new product line that requires engineering and manufacturing, sourcing and investment, or an old product line that seeks cost competitiveness overseas, BCI is able to utilize its global footprint and network of relationships to co-develop products and deliver projects that propel customers to the forefront of their industries.

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Global Trade Compliance

Navigating Regulatory & Economic Trade Compliance

BCI takes pride in monitoring all ongoing regulatory and trade issues, including political shifts and changes in economic trade policies. Our staff regularly review our trade procedures to maintain proper compliance. We are well versed in managing the complexities of international import and export processes.

Industries Served

We serve diverse markets and industries both nationally and globally in the light and heavy industrial sectors. BCI's ability to manufacture anything from single complex custom fabrications to multiple part projects has allowed us to successfully partner with customers in the following industries and vertical markets.

renewable energy

Renewable Energy

BCI Engineering provides total solutions for the renewable energies industry from parts fabrication to supply chain management. We specialize in the manufacturing of structural and mechanical components and parts for utility-scale solar racking and tracking systems.

Mining Fabrications

Mining Fabrications

BCI manufactures castings, forgings, structural and mechanical fabrications for the mining and bulk material handling industries. From 30kg to 30 tons in size, BCI has supplied projects all over the world, from Australia to India, from Canada to Mauritania.

Heavy Automotive Industry

Heavy Automotive

BCI manufactures large steel castings, with precision machining and assembly, along with heavy steel mechanical fabrications for heavy utility vehicles. Clients span Europe and North America.



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