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BCI is a global contract manufacturing and supply chain management company that specializes in the production of industrial metal products for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

With offices in 12 countries and manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, China and Mexico, BCI makes low cost manufacturing accessible to everyone.

BCI supplies castings, forgings, stampings, assemblies along with stamped and roll-formed parts into a wide array of industries.

We solve complex global supply chain problems and navigate cultural and geopolitical landscapes; helping our customers reach the otherwise unreachable.

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Renewable Energy

Industrial Machinery

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Where We Are

From China to Eastern Europe to North America, BCI is your global partner. Which location can offer you the most competitive price?

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Why Choose BCI

With offices in 12 countries and reach into many others, we are present everywhere so that our customers don’t have to be.

This saves our customers from having to deploy their own resources across the world, saving them time and money.

Global Reach
Offices in 12 countries give customers direct-to-manufacturer relationships in low-cost countries.
BCI navigates the cultural landscapes through their expertise on the ground. Native fluency eliminates risk of cultural miscommunications and language barriers.
6 wholly owned or joint venture factories and 40+ partner factories give customers access to the benefits of sourcing low-cost countries with a partner you know and trust.
You will work with people in your timezone and native language and still be able to source from wherever is best for your business.

With our world-class global supply chain management team, we ensure products are produced to the highest quality standards and delivered on time from anywhere in the world.

We ensure our customers experience the most efficient manufacturing process to scale faster.

BCI has engineers, QC experts, and technical account managers all over the world and a robust supply chain management infrastructure throughout Asia. This enables turn-key manufacturing and supply chain solutions for industrial products.
In-house trade experts with decades of experience and close relationships with top trade attorneys to help eliminate regulatory uncertainties when sourcing from foreign countries.
Experts at optimizing products for mass production (DFM), cost-out engineering, and rapid product development. Enabling aggressive growth and scalability for new and existing products.

Our track-record of successful execution gives customers the confidence they need when sourcing in foreign countries.

We stand behind our products and services and will always be there to support customers through any challenge.

Track Record
With 13+ years of profitable growth, BCI is a strong and financially-stable partner who stands behind our work and will always be there for customers.
50+ years of combined experience in Asia manufacturing across disciplines including engineering, law and finance, builds confidence for each customer with global manufacturing needs.
800,000+ metric tons of steel parts delivered – 14 Iron Ore Indurating machines with a total production capacity of 61 million metric tons per year. We manage complex activity; shipping 200+ containers per week. Our outstanding QC record.

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At BCI Engineering, we’re proud of our proven track record of helping its clients and partners win business and manage streamlined supply chains that focus on the perfect mixture of quality control and cost reduction.

Watch this video to learn more about where we’ve been, what we do for our clients and our core values.

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